New guidelines for visitors and exhibitors of the eroFame

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    In the interest of fairness and equal treatment of all exhibitors at eroFame 2015, the organiser asks anybody partaking in, or visiting the event to observe and comply with the following guidelines.

    New guidelines for visitors and exhibitors of the eroFame

    1. It is generally forbidden to present illegal products at eroFame. Companies / company representatives presenting illegal copies of products at eroFame 2015 will be barred from the fairgrounds immediately, and the organisers reserve the right to impose an unlimited exclusion from the current as well as all upcoming eroFame fairs.

    2. Copies of the documents necessary for a legally defensible launch in Europe need to be provided for every product when exhibiting at eroFame 2015. This includes a copy of the ROHS documentation and, if necessary by European law, CE certificates.

    2.1 Security personnel provided by the organisers is allowed to carry out inspections at the stands.

    3. In the case of suspicion of plagiarism the concerned companies / copyright owners must show the organisers the correspondent proves / certificates at the info-desk. The organiser will take actions accordingly and inform the concerned authorities (police, customs, health authorities).

    4. Companies / company representatives who have not rented a stand at eroFame are not allowed to present and/or offer products in the public areas of fair hall 27 on the Hanover fairgrounds (such as catering area, café/restaurant, entrance hall, etc.)

    4.1 Only persons who can produce the corresponding badge (“E“ / Exhibitor) are entitled to present / offer products at eroFame.

    4.2 Should there be violations, the organisers are entitled to impose an exclusion from the event.

    5. Visitors (with the exception of exhibitors and their personnel / “E“) are not allowed to take suitcases, trolley cases, travel bags, and similar objects into fair hall 27 during the opening hours of the exhibition. These objects are to be handed in at the cloakroom/wardrobe or need to be registered with the organiser at the info desk.

    6. Any instance of theft in hall 27 will be reported to the police immediately.