Dear eroFame exhibitor / visitor,

Country Price
Israel 57.99 EUR
China 56.54 EUR
India 57.99 EUR
Russia 88.89 EUR
Turkey 63.66 EUR
Shanghai 56.54 EUR
Canada 51.35 EUR
Taiwan 56.87 EUR
Ukraine 88.89 EUR
Pakistan 57.99 EUR
Brazil 62.21 EUR
Mexico 56.87 EUR
Japan 56.87 EUR

We look forward to your visit at eroFame 2022!
If you need an invitation for the trade fair period, you can choose between:
I need a PDF in order to obtain a visa at your consulate – Template as a digital document (including a signature and the company stamp of the eroFame). Processing and sending by email costs 25 euros.
I need the original documents (including a signature and the company stamp of the eroFame), which we will send directly to your company via FedEx Express. Please refer to our current price list for prices.
Please fill out the following form to receive your eroFame invitation to apply for a visa.
After you have completed and sent all the information, you will receive a confirmation email that we have received the data.
There you will first be directed to the payment form. (This is for your safety!)
Please make sure that all your entries are correct, as it is not possible to make changes after we have received your form!
Thank you very much! Your eroFame team


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