eroFame 2016 at the fairground Hanover

    Hannover Messe
    Hannover Messe

    Achieving average revenues of EUR 222 million, more than 850 employees, employees of more than 100 nations and an exhibition center with a superb infrastructure totaling 1 million square meters of space, Deutsche Messe - based in Hannover, Germany - is the world's foremost trade fair company. Deutsche Messe develops, plans and runs trade fairs and exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

    It has extensive expertise around 100 trade fairs and exhibitions in Germany and abroad every year, involving more than 23,000 exhibitors, more than 2 million visitors and 15,000 journalists from over 100 different countries.

    The main emphasis continues to be on flagship international trade fairs for capital goods, run by Deutsche Messe in Hannover. The aim of these tradeshows is to represent the latest markets and highlight international market trends. They are also a forum for applications-oriented demonstrations of the latest technology, as well as new launches of cutting edge technologies and presentations of the latest research findings.

    Apart from its competence in running international trade fairs and the unique capacity of its exhibition center, Deutsche Messe offers exhibitors an excellent range of quality services, ensuring the best possible support before, during and after the show.


    496,000 square meters of covered indoor space (i.e. over 5.3 million square feet), 58,000 square meters of open-air space, 27 halls and pavilions: that will give you an idea of just how big the home base of Deutsche Messe is - it's the biggest Exhibition Center in the world. Apart from the distinct architecture of the Exhibition Center's halls, it boasts a number of other features, including the Convention Center with its 35 function rooms, glassed-in areas between halls, grassy park-like areas and "chill-out" zones, to guarantee a relaxed yet productive atmosphere.

    Fair City Hannover

    The city is known for hosting the huge Hanover Fair, the CeBIT (world’s largest computer fair), the Schützenfest (world’s largest Marksmen’s Fun Fair), as well as the world’s second largest Oktoberfest, the Oktoberfest Hanover. It had also hosted the world fair Expo 2000, which was the largest in the world. This metropolis is well-known for its university and educational institutions, beautiful parks and gardens, and its zoo, which is considered Europe’s best and most spectacular animal park. (It had received the Parc Scout Award two times.) One of its famous gardens is the Grobe Garden which has a huge garden theater, waterfall, and stack is one of the gorgeous baroque gardens in entire Europe. Other important gardens in this place are the Eilenriede Park which is a huge public space, which joins both forest and area of grassland; and Herrenhauser Gardens which contributes scenery on an impressive scale, with a cave and well-known Grosser Garden.